Alnwick Castle is one of Britain's most historic and iconic castles - making learning outside of the classroom a memorable and exciting day out.

At Alnwick Castle we appreciate the value of learning outside of the classroom.
In this section you will find all you need to know about our education programme which we offer to UK schools.

Where to next

Below are the list of dates available for our 2019 education programme.

April May June July September October
Monday 1st
Tuesday 2nd
Wednesday 3rd
Thursday 4th
Friday 5th

Tuesday 23rd
Wednesday 24th
Thursday 25th
Friday 26th
Monday 29th
Tuesday 30th
Wednesday 1st
Thursday 2nd
Friday 3rd

Tuesday 7th
Wednesday 8th
Thursday 9th
Friday 10th
Monday 13th
Tuesday 14th
Wednesday 15th
Thursday 16th
Friday 17th
Monday 20th
Tuesday 21st
Wednesday 22nd
Thursday 23rd
Friday 24th

Monday 3rd
Tuesday 4th
Wednesday 5th
Thursday 6th
Friday 7th
Monday 10th
Tuesday 11th
Wednesday 12th
Thursday 13th
Friday 14th
Monday 17th
Tuesday 18th
Wednesday 19th
Thursday 20th
Friday 21st
Monday 24th
Tuesday 25th
Wednesday 26th
Thursday 27th
Friday 28th

Monday 1st
Tuesday 2nd
Wednesday 3rd
Thursday 4th
Friday 5th
Monday 8th
Tuesday 9th**
Wednesday 10th
Thursday 11th
Friday 13th
Monday 15th*
Tuesday 16th*
Wednesday 17th*
Thursday 18th
Friday 19th*
Thursday 5th
Friday 6th
Monday 9th
Tuesday 10th
Wednesday 11th
Thursday 12th
Friday 13th
Monday 16th
Tuesday 17th
Wednesday 18th
Thursday 19th
Friday 20th
Monday 23rd
Tuesday 24th
Wednesday 25th
Thursday 26th
Friday 27th
Monday 30th
Tuesday 1st
Wednesday 2nd
Thursday 3rd
Friday 4th
Monday 7th
Tuesday 8th
Wednesday 9th
Thursday 10th
Friday 11th
Monday 14th
Tuesday 15th
Wednesday 16th
Thursday 17th
Friday 18th
* No education workshops available on these dates.
** Special educational event on these dates. For more information on these events please click here.
Dates highlighted in red indicate that there are no workshop slots available. You will still be able to visit and take advantage of our free educational resources.

We strongly recommend contacting us as soon as you are interested in visiting and have a preferred date in mind. We always do our best to accommodate groups, however you may find that enquiries placed within four weeks of the required visit date may be difficult for us to guarantee.