The Percy Family

Alnwick Castle has been home to the Percy family for over 700 years and remains a family home today for the 12th Duke and Duchess and their four children.
The Percys, arriving from France with William the Conqueror in the 11th century, have been embroiled in the politics of the often bloody history of Britain, and the family is peppered with vivid characters.

Over the centuries the Percys have survived charges of treason, loss of land and property, rebellion, revolution, political intrigue, difficult economic circumstance and a rapidly changing social climate.  That these challenges have been met and overcome is testament to the astuteness, strong sense of purpose and vision of the family.  


Alnwick Castle

Since Norman times, Alnwick Castle has been a constant presence in the landscape, evolving and adapting its purpose and appearance throughout the centuries. 


The Medieval Period

The Age of Castles in England spanned from 1066 to 1485, when Norman invaders took control of the country. The era has left behind many architectural monuments, including Alnwick Castle, which played an important role during the period.

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The Northumberland Estates

Alnwick Castle is more than just a family home and a visitor attraction - it lies at the heart of a thriving business enterprise.

Alnwick Castle is not only a private family home, historic monument and fantastic visitor attraction, but also the centre of a large business enterprise.

The Northumberland Estates manages the business interests of the Duke of Northumberland. This incorporates a diverse range of enterprises including property management and development, farming and forestry, minerals, leisure, heritage and tourism. For more information on The Northumberland Estates or for details of properties to buy or rent, please visit The Northumberland Estates website.

For many years The Northumberland Estates was run along the same lines as most traditional Estates with agriculture at its core. As times have changed so the business has adapted to meet new challenges. Whilst continuing to play an important role, farming is no longer the primary income stream.

Current assets include a growing international commercial property portfolio which is centred on the North East, including over 100,000 acres of land and more than 100 let farms, a large residential portfolio, a number of historical assets including Syon House in London and the Albury Estate in Surrey as well as fine art and treasures, mineral rights, sporting and leisure interests.

Collections and Archives

The Northumberland Collection and Archive are privately owned and fully funded by the Percy family. The archive is open strictly by advance appointment only.

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Facts and Figures

If you’re planning a visit to Alnwick Castle, or simply want to know more about Northumberland’s historical monuments, these Alnwick Castle facts are perfect for building your knowledge.

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